What is this all about?

Hey, didn’t you used to have another blog?

Actually, I’ve had a few different blogs. There was play2relax, gameguythinks, and even secretundergroundlair. I’m still a little sad about abandoning that URL. This may end up being the final resting place of all of those endeavors. I hope it will also be a space to share some new thoughts.

What new thoughts?

  • I am getting closer to retirement, and I’m excited about having extra time for things like art, which is something I have enjoyed my entire life. Also, I will have more time to play tabletop games and maybe even create some of my own.
  • Nerds are a little different than most folks, and I wonder if retirement is also a little different? We have so many interests and hobbies, and those hobbies often involve collections of things. How do we deal with having to downsize?

What about the old posts?

I plan on cherry-picking some of the old posts and reposting them here. I will try and have a mix of old and new, and all of the old posts will be updated as needed.

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